ABV: 8.0%  ·  IBUs: 25
SRM:   ·  OG:


Limited-Release Autumn

This complex “beer to keep” pours a brilliant dark ruby color, with a blissful amount of head over a medium body. The taste exhibits hints of cloying toffee flavors with strong cellar characteristics from aging on French Oak.

From the borders of France and Belgium hails the style Biere de Garde. This beer is an “epic story that is destined to stand as a colossus of adventure”. There are no Harryhausen stop-motion skeletons but it does take your palate for its own journey through looming cliffs of French Oak flavors and the calling sirens of malty goodness.


Montana is often called Big Sky Country, and one night by a bon fire, our brewmaster looked up and beheld the grandeur of Montana’s view of the night sky. From that perspective, it’s easy to understand how ancient peoples were enamored with the cosmos and the mysteries they seem to evoke. The Constellation Series is intended to evoke the same sense of mystery and wonder that the constellations did then and still do now. We’ve chosen four different Belgian-style ales to be brewed in small batches throughout the year, as Belgian beers are some of the most mysterious and palette intriguing beers on the planet. Pour a snifter, wish upon the stars, and relish in your dreams…

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