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New Series, New Beer!


Introducing the Sipster Series: bold beers that get haughty with flavor, but shy with alcohol.

Sipster Series first beer is the Skinny Jeans Lumberjack!  Skinny Jeans Lumberjack is an Oatmeal IPA.

Meadowlark Public House New Ownership

If you are reading this than you probably want to hear why we are stepping down from the restaurant side of the Meadowlark operation. The short answer is because we want to focus on our passion, and that is brewing great beer. We have enjoyed and learned a lot in the last year about what it takes to run a full scale restaurant and coffee shop. But one we thing we learned was running a restaurant requires a commitment that has to be backed by unwavering passion. We loved bringing a new element to Eastern Montana. We challenged the way coffee, food, beer and atmosphere was presented in Sidney. We recognized though, that the real drive and fun for us always revolved more around the beer. When the opportunity presented itself to be able to take all the focus and time we have spent with the pub to be redirected to just the brewery, we couldn’t pass it up. The dream started with a brewery and we are pleased to continue that dream and spread Meadowlark Brewing beer even farther. Help us to welcome the new owners Angie and Aaron Pelton of the Six Shooters team in continuing what we started at Meadowlark Public House. They love what we have done and promise to keep your favorites coming at you.

And don’t worry you’ll still see us around the pub. After all the pub is our first stop for our beer and our favorite hangout too!

Cheers from the Petersons

Meadowlark Brewing is located in northeastern Montana along the banks of the Yellowstone River
in Sidney, MT. Meadowlark Brewing is focused on producing handcrafted ales with an uncompromising
devotion to quality, the best ingredients and the art of brewing.
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